Web 2.0


  • Comprised of many different technologies.
  • Redefined request/response method
  • Dynamic
  • Server/Client side scripting
  • APIs (Application Program Interface) / Web Services
  • Fast site response
  • User interactivity

A collection of technologies that allow us to use the internet in new and better ways. Responsive websites, online desktop environments (iGoogle), communities, blogs all generally use technology that is associated with Web 2.0.


  • Javascript - Used by the browser to provide instant interactivity and direct control over site appearance
  • Server side scripting languages (ASP, PHP, JSP etc)
  • CSS - Used to define how webpages look and are layed out. Becoming very popular for making quick to load, yet visually pleasing websites. CSS Zen Garden
  • HTML 4.0


  • Headers / Data types
  • Multiple, simultaneous connections


  • Changing content
  • User activated/operated functionality
  • Database driven


  • Instant response
  • Running server side scripts with same functionality as client side
  • Interactive environment similar to computer desktop

Web Services

  • Google maps
  • Amazon listings
  • APIs
  • Mashups
  • Less coding work

Web Experience

  • Quick
  • Responsive