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A driver is software that tells the computer how to use a specific piece of hardware.
For example, if you buy a new Printer or Digital camera, 9 times out of 10 the drivers will come along with it on a CD, allowing you to install the software on your computer. This is important because otherwise the computer will not be able to communicate with the new hardware and cause possible corruption to the data.


Utilites are basically software that can directly interact with the hardware, e.g Scandisk, Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter, or System Restore. These programs do such tasks as compress all the data on the hard disk into easily accessible partitions, Scan the hard drive for potential errors, and restore the system after a crash or similar. These utilities are very important for running a fast, efficient system.
  • System tools etc
  • Tune the drivers
  • Directly Interact with the hardware
  • For example:

Disk Defragmenter:

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