Internet vs. Intranet

This page is devoted to the definition of the internet and intranets, and compares the two. Anybody who may have thought there would be some kind of virtual battle royale (due to the vs.) should go now. Apologies for any confusion caused

Definition of Internet

The intarwubs is a global network of computers which includes almost every university, government and research facility in the world. It is also home to a vast collection of commercial websites (Websites being 'pages' of information or media created by people that are uploaded to a domain name - e.g. - which is how they are accessed, through the address bar on the top of people's browsers).

Definition of Intranet

An intranet is like a personal intarwub. It is a personal network (usually within a company) which is very similar to the intarwub but is not actually contained ON the intarwubs. It allows for computers to share information with other computers connected to the network.


Accesible world-wide
- You can gain access to the intarwubs from anywhere by way of an ISP, or an Internet Service Provider. You access the intarwubs through a router or modem connected to your computer, which sends and recieves all information to/from the ISP.
Accessible campus wide
- It is only possible to connect to an intranet from within a certain area around its main hub. The hub is what controls the network. You must be connected to this at all times to access the intranet, either by being wired to it directly or by being within wireless range
Connection Speed Variable
- The speed with which you can connect to the intarwubs is limited by how fast a modem you have, how close you are to the domain server, and a multitude of other factors (such as ISP connection plan and weather)
Connection Speed (Relatively) Stable and Fast
- The rate with which you interact with an intranet is only limited by your imagination and how expensive the cables that you use to connect to it are, unless you are on a wireless network in which case you are limited by how close you are to a wireless router.
Cannot Connect to an Intranet Through the Intarwubs
Can Connect to the Intarwubs Through an Intranet
- Through a shared connection