Backing up is a way of storing somebody's work and making sure that they have a second copy incase anything happens to their computer. There is two types of backing up which are:
  • Incremental back up
  • Global back up.

Global Back Up

A global back up is when the user wishes to back up all of their files at once. This form of backing up is very effective but usually takes a very long time. To do a global back up a user can use many different types of items to back up onto.

Incremental Back Up

An incremental back up is when the user has already done a global back up, so therefore has backed most of their work up. An incremental back up is when the user needs to back up all of the files and information that they have done since last time they backed up. An incremental back up is usually a lot more effective than a global back up because it doesn't take as long and it's no way near as big.

Another definition of an incremental back up is:
An incremental backup backs up only those files created or changed since the last normal or incremental backup. It marks files as having been backed up (in other words, the archive attribute is cleared). If you use a combination of normal and incremental backups, you will need to have the last normal backup set as well as all incremental backup sets in order to restore your data.

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Reasons Why People Back Up

People usually back up their work files and information becasue it is best to have at least two copies of all of your work. This is so that if anything happens to one of the copies the user always has the other copy to get the rest of their work off.

Strategies for Backing Up

I suggest for backing up either use a DVD or a network server becasue they usually have the biggest space available for backing up. Also another suggestion for backing up is once a user has backed up they should store the object that they backed up onto, such as a DVD or a network drive, in a different room. This is becasue if there is a fire or flood or any other natural disaster at least one of the backed up objects is alright or otherwise the computer is alright.

Backing Up on a Weekly Basis

I would suggest to back up all of your work on a weekly basis. What I would do is do a global backup about ever once a week, just in case you have missed any really important piece of information. Then evey other week day I would suggest doing an incremental back up becasue this is much faster and economical unless you don't do any work that day and it would be completely pointless in backing up at all.

Media for Backing Up

There are many types of resources for backing up and some are very small but others are very large. These media for backing up include:
  • A CD (compact disc) - This is a very hand light circular disc. It can hold up to a maximum of 700MB and can be very useful.
  • A DVD (digital video disc) - A DVD disc is very good as it can hold up to 4.7GB and have exactly the same dimensions as a CD.
  • A server - this can only be used if the users computer is logged on to the internet. This is very useful but the user of the network must put the server in a different room to the actual hard drive and computer.
  • A Tape Drive - this is a storage device that uses a long strip of magnetic tape to store its data onto.
  • A Hard Disk - this is the usual type of back up that most people use because it has already been put into their computer.
  • A USB or Firewire drive - this is another way to back up using a drive. These drives are very little disks that can plug into your comptuer by USB of firewire connection. They can transfer data at a very fast rate.
  • An External Hard Drive - this is another type of hard drive but can be transported around with a user. These forms of backing up are very big and can come in 1 Terabyte.